Our tradition for Christmas at the farm is an oyster roast.  I love this because it requires the family to gather around the grill and table.  It is first come first serve so you better gather close by!

We arrived at sunset.

We are almost there!

I can smell the fire...

The guest house.

Dad adding the butter, garlic, and parmasean cheese sauce to the oysters.


Everyone enjoying the oysters...

Maggie enjoying an oyster!

Megan enjoying a raw oyster.

Anne enjoying an oyster!

Dad taking time to enjoy the oyster.

I hope you enjoy your family traditions as we start a new year.  If you don’t have any food traditions in your family then think about starting a few!




2 Responses to Oyster Roast at the farm….

  1. Carol says:

    What a cool Christmas tradition, and I love the photos…
    I’m so glad to learn you are blogging about this, how perfect! I’m looking forward to reading more.

  2. seleta says:

    Yay for The Farmer’s Daughter blog! Oh my gosh, can I live in the guest house? Would you mind if I added 3 horses on the farm, ha ha…

    It’s obvious your Dad is the father of a skilled Interior Designer. Love this post! Now I’m craving oysters.

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