Where did the recipe for your rolls originate?

The roll recipe was taught to me by my grandmother on my daddy’s side,  Leona Henderson Wood. We all called her Gommey.

Where did you learn to cook?

I learned to cook from my Mother, Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers, and especially our cook Mary Ella. We called her Mamie.  She really taught me to love the art of good ole down home cooking.

Do you and your family eat your rolls at home?

Yes we definitely eat the rolls and I even make loaves of bread with the dough. We pretty much eat only Sister Schubert bread in our house.

How did you begin your business?

I started making these rolls for my small catering business in Troy back in the 1980′s. In 1989 I baked about 20 pans of rolls for a frozen Food Fair our church held that year and they all sold!  By 1992 we had taken orders for over 300 pans of rolls!   But we got those rolls all made and that is truly where the inspiration to start Sister Schuberts Rolls came from. From there I bought used equipment and grew as fast as I could but as slowly as needed to maintain the quality of the rolls.

What advise do you have for someone starting their own business?

I would say this….. You must believe in yourself and your product.   And have lots of energy and be willing  to work harder than ever before.


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