OK… so if you follow this blog you know that I LOVE oysters.  So recently made fried oysters when we had a few friends over.  Here is the recipe and a few step by step photos.

First take the oysters and soak in eggs whipped with salt and pepper.

Soak oysters in the egg mixture.

Place the oysters individually in a bag with plain flour and shake.

Flour and breadcrumbs ready to go!

Transfer oysters individually from the flour to the breadcrumbs and toss the oysters in the breadcrumbs.

Place the oysters in the hot oil.

Cook oysters on each side until golden brown.  Make sure to only turn once.


Place on paper towels to soak up any excess oil.  Serve hot and enjoy!

I love to serve the oysters as an appetizer so that they can be served immediately and are not coordinated with other items being served.




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