Hi all! I am baking this Christmas with new rules…. I am gluten free. (I made the change because of health problems which it has solved) Because of this I went back through some old favorites to see which recipes have always been gluten free. Not only are they gluten free these cheesecake cups are super yummy! I made these the first time for a 4H cooking competition when I was in 6th grade! and I still love these for desert.

2 pkgs of cream cheese
1 cup of sugar
5 eggs
1 tsp of vanilla extract

Beat all together in a large bowl. Fill cupcake tins with HEAVY duty aluminum cupcake liners. (do not use the lightweight ones. Pour (I use a measuring cup) to fill the tins (fill almost to the top. Place in an oven that had been preheated to 350. Bake for 35 minutes.

While baking mix the sour cream topping.

Sour Cream Topping
8oz sour cream
1/4 cup sugar

Mix together. After cheesecake cups have baked remove from oven and place a dollop of the sour cream mix on top of each one and return to oven for 5 more minutes.

Cool and place in freezer. Once frozen remove the aluminum liners. Serve with fruit on top.

One great advantage to these is you can make ahead and just remove from freezer about 1 hour before serving to allow to thaw.

Here are the photos of the process.










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