I LOVE OYSTERS… I really do.  It is great to live on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico where there are oyster bars.  We love to run over to Apalachicola for a weekend getaway where I love to eat the oysters that are fresh off the boat.  I love oysters either raw or baked.  But grilled with a butter garlic sauce is pretty awesome.  A few weeks ago we had my husband’s birthday at Dusty’s Oyster Bar in Panama City Beach.  It is a little drive from Seagrove but well worth it.  I enjoyed raw oysters that day…here are a few pics…

Yum... make me hungry just posting the photos!

Love oysters with a little cocktail sauce... but definitely make your own.

Doesn't Dusty's just look like an oyster bar?

Gotta go!  I am going to meet some friends and grab a few oysters!




2 Responses to Oysters….how do you like ‘em?

  1. mark says:

    I love Dusty’s! What could be better than oysters, wings, and a tower of beer?

  2. susan benton says:

    any way but raw for me. love boss’s in apalachicola! the cold weather brings in some mighty fine oysters!

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